Automotive & Mobility

After more than a hundred years of tempestuous growth, the sectors that deliver mobility solutions are faced with several great challenges. Holiday flights warm up the earth, inattentive drivers cause accidents, air pollution takes lives, inner cities and highways are congested. All these issues are an open invitation for meaningful, impactful innovation. We are at the beginning of a series of transitions in mobility.

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Changes come fast in automotive and mobility

The many challenges in the field of mobility have given rise to a lot of imagination and new ventures. Magnificent concept cars that turn a car into an autonomous meeting room and thus allow you to reclaim an otherwise lost hour of your day. Drone-taxis, hyperloops, electric planes. Some of the concepts may sound a little gimmicky and several ideas it may not be able to deliver on their promise, but make no mistake: change is coming in fast in mobility!

The biggest and fastest changes are currently becoming apparent in the automobile industry. With over € 54 billion annually, automotive is Europe’s biggest investor in innovation and R&D. Worldwide, Europe takes the lead: European car manufacturers make up for almost 50% of worldwide R&D investments.

Automotive & Mobility

Automotive; not just companies

Obviously, it is not just companies that work towards tomorrow’s mobility. The public sector plays a huge role in shaping and guiding innovations. They stimulate private sector developments and enforce that innovative services, products and processes contribute to solving societal challenges like climate change, safety and security, health and accessibility. Innovation in automotive and mobility can therefore count on ample support in the form of regional, national and European grants.


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