Wouter Schilpzand, MSc

Wouter Schilpzand, MSc


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088 495 20 00


Wouter has been with Hezelburcht Eindhoven since 2011. With a lot of enthusiasm he contributes to realising projects that are an advancement to a strong innovation climate.

We live in exciting times! At the start of the century we were faced with great challenges and the question how we were going to react to these problems. Health, safety, energy, climate, labor, food: a lot is at stake. This is where innovation can have a significant impact. We need organisations’ dedication, creativity and a result-driven mentality in order to come to solutions. At Hezelburcht I get the opportunity to contribute to these efforts. It’s important to make sure the right projects are financed and the right parties are supported. No matter how great my job is, I also try to keep myself occupied with hobbies. For example. I love to work out, especially outside. I can also lose myself in a beautiful story, whether it be through stories in books, films or games. Finally, I love food and cooking.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since June 2011


Technology Policy (MSc) | Eindhoven University of Technology


High Tech, Chemistry and (international) cooperation projects


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