Avy is a fast-growing high tech scale-up within the area of ‘Wing drones for Good’. Social involvement is very important to Avy and therefore has a strong presence within their target markets. For example, they have developed autonomous drone technologies to support wild life protection in Africa, the implementation of emergency deliveries of medical supplies and aiding in search & rescue operations of drowning people. The drones are unique in their ability to take off and land wherever it is needed, they have a large range and operate on sustainable energy.

Employing smart drones during natural disasters

About 220 million people are affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis on a yearly basis. This results in an average of $ 130 billion in damages and 100.000 casualties each year. Quick and adequate responses are essential to save as many lives as possible and offer support to the victims. In collaboration with Wattlab, Avy seeks a solution for these problems.

A solar powered disaster response drone can quickly, effectively and autonomously survey a disaster area. It also amplifies interconnectivity in a disaster area as communicating becomes much easier. The drones are, because of its weightless design with integrated solar modules, easy to deploy and can map large areas in a short amount of time. Avy expects to use the drones in about two years.

Hezelburcht as partner

Hezelburcht offers advice in several grant projects by Avy ranging from matters such as grant application to liability. The above mentioned project successfully received financial support through the MIT R&D collaboration grant.

Collaboration with Hezelburcht has always run smoothly. Hezelburcht offers support within many different areas. They know what they are doing, have a lot of technical expertise and operate in a structured manner. They have knowledge of and understand our company and product, and because of that they can think along about its content and future prospects. The specialists make sure we operate within the framework and that we meet our grant deadlines. As a result, we can focus on what is important to us and what makes us happy. We fully recommend Hezelburcht to other parties! - Ilse van Nierop, CFO Avy


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