Levels Diagnostics

Access to healthcare is limited in Kenya and accurate diagnostic tools are lacking. This leads to unnecessary use of antibiotics and  emergence of antibiotic resistance: a serious global health problem.

Levels Diagnostics offers a solution: they are developing a diagnostic tool together with Wageningen University that provides accurate and affordable diagnosis of bacterial infections, without the need for expensive technical equipment nor electricity.


Levels Diagnostics has been selected by INNOWWIDE to receive a financial contribution for their project ‘Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Kenya’ (RAPIDITY). With RAPIDITY, they will introduce their solution in Kenya and disrupt the market by setting a new standard for diagnostic testing. Levels has initiated a partnership with Scitech Diagnostics, a distributor of diagnostic tests and lab equipment in Kenya. Together, the partnership will develop a product tailored to the Kenyan market based on Levels’ technology and identify potential end-users who would be willing to act as launching customers. In addition, they will actively raise awareness for antibiotic resistance in Kenya.

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Previous grant and financial support

Levels has previously received a MIT feasibility grant for their technology and a MIT R&D collaboration grant to develop their technology into a lab-on-a-chip device in a partnership with Digi.bio. The specialists of Hezelburcht took care of the grant applications.

Hezelburcht as grant partner

Hezelburcht is proud of the great collaboration with Levels. The awarded grant(s) contribute to the realisation of improved diagnosis everywhere in the world, and the reduction of antibiotic misuse and antibiotic resistance.

Hezelburcht has been a reliable partner for Levels Diagnostics, providing valuable expertise and support during several grant applications. Thanks to their support, Levels Diagnostics was awarded the INNOWWIDE grant for the development of a novel rapid diagnostic tool capable of accurately diagnosing bacterial infections and hence optimise antibiotic use. - Blandine Le Tallec, co-founder Levels Diagnostics

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Interested in our services?

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