MIT: grants for innovative SMEs

The SME innovation stimulation Region and Top Sectors (in Dutch: MIT) is a grant structure that supports SMEs in setting up innovative projects.

MIT R&D collaboration projects (small and large)

A R&D project requires the collaboration of at least two SMEs that collaborate to innovate or develop a new product, production process or service. In contrast to the other MIT instruments, R&D collaboration projects will compete with each other in a tender procedure. The grant amounts to 35% of the project costs.

The MIT grant differentiates two types of R&D collaboration projects: small and large projects, each with their own budget.

  • The grant for small R&D collaboration projects is at least € 50.000 and up to € 200.000 (with a maximum of € 100.000 per participant).
  • The grant for large R&D collaboration projects is only available in the province of South Holland and in the Eastern and Southern regions of the Netherlands. Consortia can receive a minimal grant of € 200.000 with a maximum of € 350.000 (between € 50.000 and € 175.000 per participant).

Extensive experience

Although the MIT grant structure has only been available for a couple of years, Hezelburcht has extensive experience with the various components. If you would like to increase the success rate of your project proposal you can contact us for a clear overview of the different requirements by region.


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