MIT: grants for innovative SMEs

The SME innovation stimulation Region and Top Sectors, in Dutch also know as the MIT grants, is a funding programme that supports SMEs in setting up innovative projects.

MIT R&D collaboration projects (small and large)

A R&D project requires the collaboration of at least two SMEs that collaborate to innovate or develop a new product, production process or service. In contrast to the other MIT instruments, R&D collaboration projects will compete with each other in a tender procedure. The grant amounts to 35% of the project costs.

The MIT grant differentiates two types of R&D collaboration projects: small and large projects, each with their own budget.

  • The grant for small R&D collaboration projects is at least € 50.000 and up to € 200.000 (with a maximum of € 100.000 per participant).
  • The grant for large R&D collaboration projects is only available in the province of South Holland and in the Eastern and Southern regions of the Netherlands. Consortia can receive a minimal grant of € 200.000 with a maximum of € 350.000 (between € 50.000 and € 175.000 per participant).

Extensive experience with MIT grants

Hezelburcht has extensive experience with the MIT grants. If you would like to increase the success rate of your project proposal you can contact us for a clear overview of the different requirements by region.


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