MIT grant for Dutch SMEs

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Ambitious and advanced SMEs

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Innovation projects

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The Dutch grant scheme MIT –  in English: SME innovation stimulation Region and Top Sectors – supports SMEs in setting up innovative projects. The subsidy scheme consists of three different financial instruments: feasibility studies, R&D collaboration projects and knowledge vouchers.

Dutch Top Sectors 

There are 8 Top Sectors defined by the Dutch government. Dutch SMEs that operate in one or more of these sectors can apply for subsidy:

  • Logistics
  • Agri & Food
  • Chemicals & Energy, including Biobased
  • Creative Industry
  • Horticulture & Propagation Materials
  • High Tech Systems & Materials and ICT
  • Life Science & Health
  • Water

1. Feasibility study – MIT Subsidy

The feasibility instrument offers the possibility to map the economic and technical opportunities of a future innovation project. The feasibility study consists mainly of desk research, patent research, evaluation of technology and potential partners & market research.

  • Applications will be reviewed according to the first come, first served principle.
  • The subsidy amounts to 40% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of € 20,000 per feasibility study.

2. Knowledge vouchers

With the second instrument, SMEs can apply for a knowledge voucher of € 3,750,- to engage expert support. The voucher can be used to get a question answered or to let a case get researched by a knowledge institution.

  • Applications will be reviewed according to the first come, first served principle.
  • The grant offers € 3.750 / around 50% of the project costs.

3. MIT R&D collaboration projects (small and large)

A R&D project requires the collaboration of at least two SMEs that collaborate to innovate or develop a new product, production process or service.

  • Applications will be reviewed according to the tender principle: the best applications will be rewarded.
  • The grant amounts around 35% of the project costs to a maximum of € 350.000,-

Extensive experience with grant applications

Hezelburcht has extensive experience with the various components of the MIT subsidy scheme. If you would like to increase the success rate of your project proposal, you can contact us for a clear overview of the different requirements by region.

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