The Landrovers

The Landrovers buy up old diesel-powered Land Rover Defenders and completely rebuild them to customer request (popularly known as refurbishing). These new vehicles are then used, for example, on off-road roads, a ranch or in the desert.

When refurbishing these Defenders, the ambition is also to make the new version more fuel-efficient and with more power. As a result, the Landrovers are busy carrying out numerous developments in the field of Automotive. Hezelburcht’s expertise came in handy when investigating interesting funding opportunities to support The Landrovers’ ambitions.

The project: an all-electric Land Rover Defender

Since its founding in 2011, The Landrovers has grown into a specialist in the economic re-use of already depreciated diesel-powered passenger cars. The company was born from the dream of touring Africa in a Land Rover Defender. Later, the ambition to be able to drive a fully electric Land Rover Defender was added to the list. Fortunately, the Land Rover Defender is very suitable for electrification, this because of its ladder chassis construction. This dream then led to a strong need for a commercial model, where the vehicle can be ordered on customer demand. To realise this ambition, The Landrovers engaged Hezelburcht in preparing a WBSO application and in obtaining an MIT feasibility grant.

What does the future look like?

The Landrovers do not rule out that the electric platform could also be applied in other ladder chassis vehicles. In addition, they are also currently developing other mobile applications, for which they can use their own developed electrification platform and interface. When researching application within other markets, Hezelburcht will support them with finding the right funding opportunities.

Thanks to the knowledgeable people at Hezelburcht, we have been optimally supported for the past years with subsidies that make our developments possible. - Peter Zeisser, founder & co-owner

Hezelburcht looks forward to seeing how The Landrovers’ plans will pan out and what other developments lie ahead!

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