LIFE programme

For whom?

All kinds of organisations with sustainability ambitions

For what?

Environment, Climate and Nature projects


Several deadlines in 2024

More information on LIFE

The LIFE programme is an important European instrument for the development and implementation of European climate, nature and environmental policy. You can apply for LIFE funding for projects in four different topics: Nature and Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Quality of Life, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation and Clean Energy Transition. All types of organisations can apply for funding from the LIFE programme. Companies, governments, knowledge institutions and NGOs. For the 2021-2027 programme period, Europe has €5.43 billion available for projects that improve the living environment.

LIFE programme for Environment, Climate and Nature

The programme consists of four focus areas. These focus areas are very broad, a lot is possible with LIFE funding. For example: using less water for crops, more organic pesticides instead of chemical ones, protect animal species or insects, removing waste from water or sustainable street lights. A lot of different topics. In general, LIFE helps projects that develop European policy on one of the following topics:

  • Nature and biodiversity
  • Circular economy and quality of life
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Renewable energy transition

LIFE grant 2024 deadlines

LIFE calls for 2024 are expected to be published on 18 April 2024. The following calls will open in 2024, with corresponding deadlines:

  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs) for circular economy and quality of life: 19 September 2024;
  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs) for nature and biodiversity: 19 September 2024;
  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs) for climate change mitigation and adaptation: 17 September 2024;
  • Coordination and Support Action Grants (CSA) for clean energy transition sub-programme: 19 September 2024;
  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SNAPs/SIPs): concept ideas 5 September 2024, full applications 6 March 2024;
  • Technical Assistance preparation for SIPs and SNAPs: 19 September 2024;
  • Technical Assistance Replication: 19 September 2024;
  • Framework Partnership Agreements (FPA OG): 5 September 2024;
  • Specific Operating Grant Agreements (SGA OG): 17 September 2024;
  • Preparatory Projects (addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities – PLP): 19 September 2024.

From 23 to 26 April 2024, CINEA will hold several information sessions on the calls.

Type of grants

  • Standard Action Projects (SAP)
  • Strategic Nature Projects (SNAP)
  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP)
  • Technical Assistance Projects (TA)
  • Other Actions Grants (OAG)
  • Operating Grants (OG)

More information on the LIFE programme?

LIFE projects must be innovative and demonstrate a new technique or approach. Each year, there is a term in which applications can be submitted per project category. Would you like to know more about the opportunities LIFE can offer your organisation? Get in touch with our specialists via 088 495 20 00 or!


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