Special LIFE call for sustainability projects by non-governmental organisations

The European Commission launched a LIFE call imploring non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to submit a project proposal regarding the environment and climate. Does your NGO operate on a national or regional level based in a European Union (EU) Member State? And would you like to contribute to a more sustainable Europe? Read more about the new LIFE call.

Goal of the LIFE call

With the launch of this call, the European Commission aims to reinforce the capacity of NGOs to mobilise and strengthen civil society participation and contribution to the implementation of the European Green Deal. The goal of the Green Deal is to create a CO2-neutral Europe by 2050. A strong, sustainable and involved society is essential to this cause. NGOs play a vital role in creating such a society.

As a result, the European Commission launched the call NGO4GD asking NGOs to submit project proposals focused on mobilising and strengthening civil participation regarding environmental and climate-related causes. Eligible activities are for example:

  • Setting up information campaigns;
  • Organising conferences or seminars/webinars;
  • Cooperation and coalition building with other organisations;
  • Awareness raising and dissemination actions.

Budget and funding

There is a total budget of € 12 million available. Projects may receive an overall lump sum contribution of up to 60% of the total eligible costs with a maximum contribution of € 300.000,-. The remaining 40% has to be covered by the own contributions of project beneficiaries or supplemented by co-financers. Important to note: no other EU funds may be used to cover this 40%.

Important criteria

In order the be eligible, your NGO and project must meet certain requirements of which the following below:

  • You are an independent, non-profit making legal person established (legally registered) before January 1, 2018.
  • Your NGO operates on a national level or regional level depending on the size of the European Union Member State.
  • Collaborations are not permitted.
  • Only one proposal per applicant can be submitted.

Contact us for more information on these and additional requirements. Proposals can be submitted until March 31, 2021.

Need support with your application?

Our team of advisors is specialised in supporting sustainability projects by both public and societal organisations. Together with our sustainability experts we have all the skills and expertise to draft a viable grant proposal. Find out whether your project meets the requirements of this LIFE call in a personal meeting.

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