European Green Deal

For whom?

Ambitious entrepreneurs and researchers

For what?

Sustainable and low-carbon innovations

Total budget

 1 trillion

More information

The European Commission (EC) has set out the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050. To support this, the EC has made a massive total budget of approximately € 1 trillion available for the European Green Deal. The initiative – also known as a roadmap – will execute policy, guidelines and measures. The European Green Deal also includes several grants. Interested? Innovative and sustainable researchers and entrepeneurs can apply for funding!

There are currently no open calls. Keep an eye on this page for new developments on the European Green Deal.

Source: European Commission

The benefits of the European Green Deal

You project can offer a valuable contribution to improving the well-being and health of European citizens and future generation by providing:

  • Fresh air, clean water, healthy soil and biodiversity;
  • Renovated, energie efficient buildings;
  • Healthy and affordable food;
  • More public transport;
  • Cleaner energy and cutting-edge clean technological innovation;
  • Longer lasting products that can be repaired, recycled and re-used;
  • Future-proof jobs and skills training for the transition;
  • Globally competitive and resilient industry.

The eight European Green Deal actions

With your project and funding from the European Green Deal, you can tackle (social) problems within one of the following actions:

  1. Climate: In 2050 Europe must become climate-neutral. To achieve this, emissions have to be reduced in all sectors, from industry and energy to transport and agriculture.
  2. Energy: More than 75% of EU greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and use of energy. The European energy system must therefore be decarbonised.
  3. Agriculture: Sustainable food production is important for our health, a healthy society and a healthy planet. It is therefore important that the EU food system is resilient and sustainable and that we reduce the environmental and climate footprint of the food system.
  4. Industry: An industrial strategy is needed for a competitive, green and digital Europe. Your project can offer a valuable contribution to this action.
  5. Environment and oceans: The seas, oceans and environment are a source of natural and economic wealth for Europe. By taking good care of them, we can continue to benefit from them in the future.
  6. Transport: Ambitious and fundamental measures are needed in the field of transport to make it efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. Innovative ideas are therefore needed to improve the European transport system.
  7. Tourism and regional development: Many of the actions are important to regional development. There is a strong need to invest in the recovery, resilience and reform of Europe.
  8. Research and innovation: Innovation and research play a central role in creating a climate-neutral Europe. The EU programme Horizon Europe plays a major role in stimulating innovation and scientific research.

More information on the European Green Deal call

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