IONITY believes that charging electric vehicles (EVs) should be user-friendly and accessible across Europe. A strong charging infrastructure gives the freedom to travel across the continent without worrying about how, where and when to charge your EV. To realise this vision, IONITY has joined forces with some of the biggest names in the automotive world. Together they will make charging electric cars even more user-friendly for sustainable drivers.

The project: Rocin-Eco

The current IONITY network consists of more than 400 charging stations with an average of more than four fast charging points per location. The charging points at all IONITY locations offer a charging capacity of up to 350 kW. IONITY wants to make this concept even more customer-friendly and expand it to an autonomous, fully automated system using charging cables that connect and disconnect automatically when charging is complete. The charging process will become even more efficient by reducing the time between the charging of two consecutive cars. This also increases the capacity of the fast charging point by about 15%.

The consortium

IONITY will not carry out this project alone. Together with TÜV SÜD, Audi, Rocsys and Huber+Suhner (and several related partners, including Daimler, BMW, Porsche, Ford and AVL), they will research various elements in order to develop the optimal technology for the autonomous charging system. Think of components such as determining parking accuracy, communication between the EV and the charging station, control of the opening of the valves and controls during or after the charging process.

Collaboration between IONITY, Hezelburcht and FirstBlue

Hezelburcht and FirstBlue have supported the consortium by preparing an application for the call Elektromobilität F&E – Fast Lane by the German Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. FirstBlue and Hezelburcht drafted and submitted the application and provided administrative support during and after the application. With this grant, IONITY and partners can continue their project.

The Rocin-Eco project stimulates connection between European countries and citizens and will therefore offer a valuable contribution to making Europe stronger and greener. We wish the consortium the best of luck with the further development of their groundbreaking technology!

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