With their unique character and phenomenal performance, Donkervoort sports cars make the hearts of many car enthusiasts beat faster. Donkervoort sports cars are characterised by their high-quality components, often developed by Donkervoort themselves. The development of lightweight materials seems to be a part of the Donkervoort DNA.

European SME instruments

Due to European climate policy and the increasing demands of customers, car manufacturers face more and more challenges when it comes to designing and developing low-emission vehicles. In response to this, Donkervoort has developed the technical solution XCORE for the cost-efficient production of fibre-reinforced composite car parts (CFRP). Integrating this solution into the chassis means the total weight of the car is reduced, which in turn decreases fuel consumption and creates a safer situation for the passenger. Another advantage of the weight reduction is the increase of the action radius of electric cars. XCORE is light, strong and cost-efficient in production, which is what distinguishes it from other lightweight materials. The main reason for car manufacturers to not use CFRP in their chassis is the high cost of CFRP products; XCORE can reduce these costs by 40% in comparison to regular CFRP products. The XCORE project received financing from the SME Instrument Phase 1 and 2.

’These past few years, Donkervoort has broadened its focus from automobile manufacturer to developer of lightweight materials and innovative process technologies. Although the innovations were initially focused on internal applications, there was enormous interest from the industry. To meet this interest, Donkervoort will have to make a major switch. Facilitating this switchover has been made possible thanks to the efforts of Hezelburcht. The technical insight and backgrounds of their consultants make Hezelburcht a qualified discussion partner in the field of innovation and ensure the rapid and positive progress of our applications. - Jordi Wiersma, Head of Design

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