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The grant-instrument ELENA is an initiative from the European Investmentbank (EIB) and the European Commission (EC). ELENA is part of the European programme Horizon 2020 and has been created to stimulate the implementation of (major) sustainability projects. The financing programme is open continuously with an annual budget of € 40 to € 50 million.

For whom is ELENA?

Both public and private parties can submit a grant application to the EIB. Our specialists would be happy to advise and support you with the necessary preparations. Organisations are expected to prove the ELENA contribution is necessary to carry out their intended project. (For example, when an energy audit is required, for which no financial resources are available).

ELENA grant for preparation costs

ELENA supports major projects, with a minimal investment cost of € 30 million. Smaller projects may be eligible for an ELENA-grant, if they are part of a larger umbrella project. ELENA can offer you up to 90% preparation costs of your project. This includes costs that are associated with (the further elaboration of) feasibility studies/ business plans, staff deployment, market research, or tendering processes. In addition, ELENA can support your organisation in obtaining additional financing in the form of loans from the EIB or other banks.

Eligible Project theme’s

Projects which are eligible for contribution are focussed on:

  • Energy efficiency | Preparatory activities

Example: Renovation of buildings, realisation of smart grids and the integration of energy networks.

  • Sustainable urban mobility | Preparatory activities

Example: Electric busses, smart hydrogen projects and IT solutions (like smart traffic lights).

For energy efficiency a maximum duration of three years applies. The maximum duration for sustainable urban mobility is four years. (implementation of preparatory activities).

ELENA showcases

Several projects have already received a contribution from ELENA in the Netherlands. WarmteStad B.V. for example, has received € 2.1 million for the preparation phase. Their project focuses on increasing the generation of geothermal energy and distributing it through a smart heating network in Groningen.

Possibilities for your project

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