The 2023 – 2024 Horizon Europe Work Programme has been officially adopted: here’s what you need to know

The new Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2023 – 2024 has been confirmed by the European Commission. Over € 13.5 billion will be used for supporting researchers and innovators coming up with solutions to environmental, energy, digital and geopolitical challenges. This is what you can expect from the Work Programme.

The focus areas of Horizon Europe 2023 – 2024

Climate action and digital transformation

  • Approximately 42% of the budget for this Work Programme, around € 5.67 billion, is earmarked for climate action objectives, finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change adaptation. Around € 1.67 billion will also go to supporting biodiversity.

Safe, secure and resilient Europe

  • Security plays an important role, this concerns both our health and protection against physical and cyber threats. There is also a focus on making Europe less dependent on unreliable suppliers and volatile fossil fuels. It is therefore important to invest in the transition to clean energy. Almost € 900 million is set aside for this.
  • More than € 1 billion will be invested in repairing the economic and social damage caused by COVID-19 and € 336 million will go to research and innovation in pandemic preparedness and response to health emergencies.
  • Finally, Horizon Europe will also support critical infrastructure against physical and cyber threats.

Support to Ukraine

  • Additional targeted support is being provided to Ukraine, this on top of the amount already committed to specific actions earlier in 2022. New actions include improving access to European research infrastructures for researchers from Ukraine, continuing support to health scientists and providing climate-neutral reconstruction of Ukrainian cities. The latter will take place from the EU Mission for Climate Neutral and Smart Cities.

Solving global problems

  • In addition to all the above challenges, there are other actions to support and strengthen international initiatives. For example, on renewable energy, food systems, global health, environmental observation and much more.
  • The EU also wants to work with China to tackle several global problems. These include research in food, agriculture, biotechnology, climate change and biodiversity.

EU missions

  • More than € 600 million will be invested in the five EU missions. These include the missions cancer, climate change adaptation, restoring our oceans, seas and waters, climate neutral and smart cities, and soil and food health.

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