Horizon Europe | Digital, Industry and Space

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Ambitious researchers, companies and governments

For what?

Research and innovation projects

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There are several calls open for applications

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Is your innovation the next big step in key enabling technologies? Horizon Europe cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space is in need of innovations that increase technological independence of the European Union (EU) and secures progress in the transformation of our economy, the workplace and society.

Aim of cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space

The EU needs to maintain a strong industrial and technology presence in order to compete with other parts of the world. This is also critical to protect its citizens, deliver services and products of the highest quality and preserve its values and socio-economic model. Your innovation can help secure Europe’s position as a technology and industrial leader.

More information?

Feel free to contact us via 088 495 20 00 or info@hezelburcht.com for more information on the cluster(s) or Horizon Europe. Our specialists would be pleased to answer all your questions and discuss your project idea.

Horizon Europe
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