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Europe has been faced with certain threats to its environment and climate: from environmental degradation to the decline of biodiversity. Through Cluster 6 of Horizon Europe | Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment, the European Union aims to find innovative solutions to these problems.

Aim of Horizon Europe | Food

This cluster has several goals it wants to achieve through research, innovation and digitalisation activities. It aims to:

  • reduce environmental degradation;
  • halt and reverse the decline of biodiversity on land, inland waters and sea;
  • better manage natural resources through transformative changes of the economy and society in both urban and rural areas.

In the end, it should ensure food and nutrition security as well as accelerate the transition to a low carbon resource efficient circular economy and sustainable bioeconomy, including forestry. Cluster 6 will contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal (such as the Farm to Fork strategy and the Biodiversity Strategy to 2030) as well as several other initiatives in, for example, eliminating pollution and creating a sustainable industry. Your project can offer a valuable contribution to these sustainable efforts.

Who can apply for Horizon Europe | Food?

Interested in applying? Below you’ll find examples of stakeholders who can apply for this cluster:

  • Universities and research institutes;
  • Civil society organisations including NGOs and consumer associations;
  • Public administration including legislators and implementing authorities;
  • Industry and SMEs;
  • End-users, including but not limited to farmers, foresters, advisors, municipalities, water utilities, citizens’ associations, professional associations.

More information on Horizon Europe | Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

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