Horizon Europe | Civil Security for Society

For whom?

Ambitious researchers, companies and governments

For what?

Research and innovation projects

When to apply?

There are several calls open for applications

More information on this cluster

Horizon Europe cluster 3: Civil Security for Society responds to challenges arising from persistent security threats, including cybercrime, as well as natural and man-made disasters. It will also build on lessons learned from previous crises in terms of prevention, mitigation, preparedness and capacity building for crises (including health crises) and in improving cross-sectoral aspects of such crises. Are you currently working on a project that could help secure a more resilient and safer Europe? Find out whether your project is a match for cluster 3.

Aim of cluster 3: Civil Security for Society

The cluster aims to create a safer European society by developing new knowledge and innovative technologies or other solutions to persisting threats. It is important that projects within this cluster take human factors, civilians and communities into account.

Who can apply?

The cluster is open to applications by, for example, the following stakeholders:

  • Universities and research institutes, especially in the areas of cybersecurity, security R&I, information and communication technologies, Artificial Intelligence, social sciences and humanities;
  • Industry and SMEs in the fields of cybersecurity, security R&I, ICT, Artificial Intelligence;
  • European standardisation organisations;
  • Ministries as well as national and local authorities;
  • Law enforcement agencies, border and custom authorities, crisis management security authorities, civil protection authorities;
  • Emergency services, hospital, medical centres;
  • First responders NGOs;
  • Critical infrastructure.

Calls for proposals

The cluster Civil Security for Society consist of six destinations, with each multiple calls for proposals and corresponding openings and deadlines:

Better protect the EU and its citizens against Crime and Terrorism

  • Fighting Crime and Terrorism 2021: 30 June 2021 – 23 November 2021 (closed)
  • Fighting Crime and Terrorism 2022: 30 June 2022 – 23 November 2022

Effective management of EU external borders

  • Border Management 2021: 30 june 2021 – 23 November 2021 (closed)
  • Border Management 2022: 30 June 2022 – 23 November 2022

Resilient Infrastructure

  • Resilient Infrastructure 2021: 30 June 2021 – 23 November 2021 (closed)
  • Resilient Infrastructure 2022: 30 June 2022 – 23 November 2022

Increased Cybersecurity

  • Increased Cybersecurity 2021: 30 June 2021 – 21 October 2021 (closed)
  • Increased Cybersecurity 2022: 30 June 2022 – 16 November 2022

Disaster-Resilient Society for Europe

  • Disaster-Resilient Society 2021: 30 June 2021 – 23 November 2021 (closed)
  • Disaster-Resilient Society 2022: 30 June 2022 – 23 November 2022

Strengthened Security Research and Innovation

  • Strengthened Security Research and Innovation 2021: 30 June 2021 – 23 November 2021 (closed)
  • Strengthened Security Research and Innovation 2022: 30 June 2022 – 23 November 2022

All calls for proposals and more detailed information on the calls can be found here.

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