Chemistry & Biobased Economy

The chemical industry will face a number of important challenges in the upcoming years. Innovation will be a key element to reduce costs, to market new products and to contribute to the European and National climate goals. Our grant specialists see three major innovation topics that will contribute a sustainable future.

Flexible use of raw materials and resource efficiency

New novel materials are critical to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. In doing so, there is a large effort required to develop alternatives, key elements will be the sustainable and economic feasibility of these materials. The alternatives must be able to be manufactured safely and cost-effectively on a large scale. Think of developing and acquiring new (raw )materials from biomass, new bio-refining technologies, or the (photo)synthesis of molecules from CO2 (carbon capture and utilization). Besides national and regional funding, the CBE JU program offers specialized calls regarding this topic within Horizon Europe.

Smart and efficient production processes

Electrification of the chemical industry will be a major challenge in the upcoming years. Due to the increase in the availability of renewable and sustainable electricity, large scale Power-to-X projects will become technically and economically feasible. The production of hydrogen via electrolysis will be one of the key elements. Investing in energy reducing and/or environmentally assets gives companies several opportunities to make use of fiscal incentives and grants.

Improve functionalities of chemical products

There is a growing demand for personalized products. Chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies and point-of-care producers can responds to this trend by improving the functionality of chemical products. As a result, formulation and specialty materials will become increasingly complex. For example, projects focusing on innovative nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology & advanced manufacturing and processing can be subsidized by Horizon Europe or national funding programs.

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