BioBased Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU)

For whom?

All kinds of organisations, such as the industry, SMEs, universities and research institutes

For what?

The development and market uptake of bio-based products

When to apply?


The Joint Technology Inititiative (JTI) BioBased Industries is a € 3.7 billion public-private partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). BIC is a non-profit organization that consists of members of large industries, SMEs, regional clusters, European trade associations and European Technology platforms covering the entire bio-based value chain. The initiative, BioBased Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), is dedicated to finance projects that are dedicated to transform renewable, natural resources into innovative bio-based products. The initiatives operates under Horizon 2020 Horizon 2020 is the biggest European funding programme for research and innovation and has been designed to support research institutions, (local) governments, companies and individual researchers. The programme has a budget of € 80 billion until 2020. .

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For whom is BBI JU?

Participation is possible for every organisation (industry, SMEs, universities, research institutes) that performs scientific research or focuses on technical development and innovation. The initiative stimulates participation of SMEs.

Goals and topics within Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking

The BBI initiative reflects the BICs ambition to accelerate the innovation and market uptake of bio-based products and to position Europe as a world-leading, competitive bio-based economy where the basic building blocks for chemicals, materials and advanced biofuels are derived from renewable biological resources.

BBI JU 2020

Call 20 closed on 3 September 2020. The BBI JU, with an indicative budget of € 87 million for 2020, contributed to this ambition by funding projects with the following scope, which is alligned in four strategic orientations:

  1. Foster the supply of sustainable biomass feedstock to feed both existing and new value chains;
  2. Optimise efficient processing for integrated biorefineries through research, development and innovation;
  3. Develop innovative bio-based products for identified market applications;
  4. Create and accelerate the market-uptake of bio-based products and applications.

These strategic orientations are divided into 15 topics. (The topics can be found at the bottom of this page). The grant percentage is 70% or 100% of the eligible project costs, depending on the type of project and the applicant. Which project proposals will receive a BBI JU grant is expected to be announced in December 2020.

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Main topics in 2020

(end of  project)*
Type project/ action**Maximum contribution (indicative)
Priority 1
Resolve supply-chain hurdles for turning residual waste streams into functional molecules for food and/or nonfood market applications6-7Innovation Action (IA)€ 7 million
Use biogenic gaseous carbon to increase feedstock availability for the industry6-7Innovation Action (IA)€ 7 million
Turn lignin into materials and chemicals for high-end applications8Innovation Action (IA)€ 16 million
Produce food ingredients with high nutritional value from aquatic sources8Innovation Action (IA)€ 16 million
Priority 2
Use enabling technologies to improve feedstock availability and substainability for the bio-based industry4-5Research & Innovation Action (RIA)€ 2-5 million
Develop integral fractionation of lognocellulose to produce components for high-value application4-5Research & Innovation Action (RIA)€ 2-5 million
Develop bio-based solutions to recycle composites4-5Research & Innovation Action (RIA)€ 2-5 million
Extract bioactive compounds from new, underexploited and/or recalcitrant residuel bio-based streams for highvalue applications4-5Research & Innovation Action (RIA)€ 2-5 million
Upscale the production of bio-based platform molecules for larger market applications6-7Innovation Action (IA)€ 7 million
Priority 3
Improve the sustainability of coatings4-5Research & Innovation Action (RIA)€ 2-5 million
Demonstrate superior bio-based packaging solutions with minimal environmental damage6-7Innovation Action (IA)€ 7 million
Priority 4
Help start-ups and spin-offs to gain access to financeN/ACoordination & Support Action (CSA)€ 1.5 million
Provide insight on emerging technologies for bio-based value chainsN/ACoordination & Support Action (CSA)€ 1 million
Create and interlink bio-based education centres to meet industry’s need of skills and competencesN/ACoordination & Support Action (CSA)€ 1.5 million
Expand circular economy to include the underexploited circular bioeconomyN/ACoordination & Support Action (CSA)€ 1 million

* TRL = Technology Readiness Level: from 1 (fundamental research) to 9 (ready for market introduction).
** RIA: research project containing innovative elements; IA: innovation project; CSA: supporting activities.

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