Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU)

For whom?

All kinds of organisations; from businesses to knowledge and educational institutions, governments and civil society organisationss

For what?

The development of bio-based innovations

When to apply?

CBE JU 2024 open from 24 April to 18 September 2024

More information

Are you working on the development of bio-based products? Good news: the successful European programme Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) will be succeeded by Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU). This means new funding opportunities for bio-based innovations. The programme falls under Horizon Europe and runs from 2021 to 2031. The CBE JU 2024 call for submissions is open from 24 April to 18 September 2024.

What can CBE JU mean for you and Europe?

You are able to receive a subsidy from CBE JU which allows you to realize your bio-based innovation. This also reduces the financial risk of your project. Moreover, with your innovation, Europe will be one step closed to becoming a cleaner, more sustainable and circular society. Renewable bio-based products and materials are an important link in the transition to climate neutrality.

For whom is this programme?

CBE JU brings together all kinds of parties from the bio-based industry; from farmers to researchers. Private and public partnerships will be able to submit a proposal for CBE JU.

Objectives of CBE JU 2021-2031

The new programme aims to:

  • Accelerate the innovation process and the development of innovative bio-based solutions;
  • Accelerate the market application of existing mature and innovative bio-based solutions;
  • Ensure a high level of environmental performance of industrial bio-based systems.

Call topics 2024

Innovation actions – flagship (€ 60 million)

  • Bio-based value chains for valorisation of sustainable oil crops – €20 million
  • Bio-based dedicated platform chemicals via cost-effective, sustainable and resource-efficient conversion of biomass – €20 million
  • Bio-based value chains for valorisation of sustainable natural fibre feedstock – €20 million

Innovation actions (€ 105 million)

  • Bio-based materials and products for biodegradable in soil applications – €15 million
  • Sustainable microalgae as feedstock for innovative, added-value applications – €15 million
  • Enlarging the portfolio of commercially produced “Safe and Sustainable by design” (SSbD) solvents – €15 million
  • Circular and SSbD bio-based construction & building materials with functional properties – €15 million
  • Selective and sustainable (co)-production of lignin-derived aromatics – €15 million
  • Innovative bio-based adhesives and binders for circular products meeting market requirements – €15 million
  • Innovative conversion of biogenic gaseous carbon into bio-based chemicals, ingredients, materials – €15 million

Research and innovation actions (€ 38 million)

  • Valorisation of polluted/contaminated wood from industrial and post-consumer waste streams – €7 million
  • Biotech routes to obtain bio-based chemicals/materials replacing animal-derived ones – €7 million
  • Sustainable, bio-based alternatives for crop protection – €10 million
  • SSbD bio-based coating materials for applications under demanding and/or extreme conditions – €7 million
  • Innovative bio-based food/feed ingredients – €7 million

Coordination and support actions (€ 10 million)

  • New forms of cooperation in agriculture and the forest-based sector – €4 million
  • Mobilise inclusive participation in bio-based systems and supporting the CBE JU widening strategy and its action plan – €3 million
  • Supporting the CBE JU Deployment Group on Primary Producers – €3 million

Support with your application

Hezelburcht has extensive experience in supporting European applications. We have supported consortia both in putting together a consortium and in writing and submitting a successful application. Do you also need support in applying for funding for your project? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities of CBE JU with a specialist? Please contact us via 088 495 20 00 or for an introductory meeting.


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