CEF Energy

For whom?

Ambitious companies, researchers and governments

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Projects for a stronger and sustainable Europe

Budget 2021 – 2027

€ 5.83 billion

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Strengthening Europe’s energy sector requires major investments. The current infrastructure is not capable of meeting future demand, guaranteeing security of supply and supporting large-scale supplies of energy from renewable sources. CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Energy therefore invests in upgrading existing and developing new infrastructures for a powerful energy network in Europe.

CEF Energy 2021-2027

The total budget for CEF 2021 – 2027 is approximately € 33.71 billion. Of this, € 5.83 billion will go to CEF Energy (2021 – 2027) to improve Europe’s energy infrastructure.

Important information: PCIs

To be eligible for funding, a project must be on the European list of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). A project must, among other things, contribute to European energy objectives, increase competition and have a significant impact on the market of at least two European countries.

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Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
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