Port of Rotterdam

The largest port in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam (PoR), is a gateway to the rest of the world. The port is a building block of the Dutch economy, something we are extremely proud of! The Port wants to stay ahead of its competitors and must of course also offer its contribution to make the world more sustainable. As a result, PoR chooses to focus on sustainability, digitalisation and innovation. Hezelburcht has been working with the Port for over ten years and this has already led to various successes:

The Circular Steam Project

The Circular Steam Project of LyondellBasell and Covestro has been in operation since 2021! This project of the chemical companies and the PoR is a showpiece and saves the companies an electricity consumption of 90,000 households and prevents CO2 emissions of 31,000 cars per year. With the Circular Steam Project, our clients have invested purely in sustainability. Thanks to the sustainability ambitions of companies like these, reaching Europe’s climate goals is closer than ever!

The Porthos consortium

In order to capture and store CO2, PoR together with Gasunie and Energiebeheer Nederland (EBN) will construct a new infrastructure that will enable the transport and storage of large quantities of CO2 at relatively low cost. The destination of the CO2: an empty gas field located in the North Sea, about 20 km off the coast. The project received an impressive CEF Energy grant of € 102 million. Such an enormous CEF grant is a first for a Dutch CEF application!

Since the end of 2021, Porthos has also signed contracts with the giants Air Liquide, Air Products, ExxonMobil and Shell for the transport and storage of CO2. These partnerships are a milestone in the Porthos project and ensure that their vision can now become reality. Construction of the infrastructure is expected to start in 2022. From 2024 onwards, the companies will collectively capture about 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

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Port of Rotterdam and Hezelburcht

Although Hezelburcht has already carried out various wonderful grant assignments for PoR over the past ten years, we can proudly call ourselves a preferred supplier to the Port of Rotterdam from 2021 onwards. In the coming years, Hezelburcht will provide support in the preparation of various regional, national and European subsidy projects. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Port of Rotterdam.

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