Funding and grants for hydrogen innovations

Hydrogen is a promising, clean and sustainable alternative energy source. Although it is gaining support (think, for example, of the application of hydrogen in the automotive industry), in many sectors this is not yet happening enough. Are you already working on an idea or project aimed at the development and application of green hydrogen? But are you having trouble finalizing your business case because, for example, you require more funding? There are plenty of funding opportunities and grants at both national and European level that can contribute to the realisation of your hydrogen innovations!

Why (green) hydrogen?

The development and application of hydrogen is slowly but steadily growing. We believe hydrogen is the energy source of the future. Hezelburcht therefore wants to be at the forefront of green hydrogen innovations. As a result, we dedicate our services to organisations, researchers, governments and every other likeminded individual who also believes in the advantages hydrogen has to offer. Why hydrogen in particular?

  • It is a rich and renewable source of energy;
  • It is clean and safe
  • It greatly reduces pollution
  • It is more powerful and efficient than fossil fuels

hydrogen project

Bringing your hydrogen innovations to life with grants and funding

Hezelburcht has the necessary experience, skills and knowledge of grants and funding that can be tailored to your needs. Get a complete overview of all relevant grants by commissioning a subsidy scan. Or let us write or review your grant application. We make sure you won’t miss out on any additional grant and funding opportunities for your hydrogen innovations.

Our team of specialists consists of academics with degrees and PhD’s in the field of Chemistry. They are very knowledgeable of the complexities and vulnerabilities that come with any hydrogen innovation. Would you like to discuss your project with one of our specialists? Then contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting!

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