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Do you have an innovative project or project idea and are you looking for additional funding? Grants, funding and tax arrangements are available at both the national and European levels.

The grant and funding landscape is extremely varied and offers opportunities for numerous types of organisations. As a knowledge and innovation partner, Hezelburcht assists both for-profit (e.g. scale-ups, SMEs and corporates) and non-profit (e.g. universities, governmental institutions and hospitals) organisations in acquiring grants.

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Proposal writing – added value in every step of the grant acquisition process

The grant acquisition process starts with identifying and selecting relevant grant opportunities. Next, we perform a feasibility assessment to check whether your project is mature enough for the selected grant programme. This is determined by a number of factors, including the sector in which you operate and the type of project you would like to carry out.

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The next step is the actual grant application. The difference between a successful or rejected grant application is not only the quality and substance of the project – its success also depends on the quality of the application. This means that we carefully assess what the grant provider is looking for in the projects they are aiming to fund and who will be reviewing your proposal. We make sure that the text is a perfect match between your aims and the aims of the grant provider. Our adept specialists can take care of your entire grant application. They are aware of current regulations and policies, the changing rules and the requirements that grant providers set. Moreover, our experienced lobbyists in Brussels can support you at the project level.

The last – and crucial – part of the grant acquisition process addresses meeting the requirements of the grant provider during the runtime of the project. You want your administration and project management to be correct to make sure your project receives 100% of the grant that is awarded.

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Hezelburcht has been building bridges between grant providers and organisations in the public and private sectors since 1995. We are a leading, full-service grant and management consultancy company, supporting clients worldwide with our extensive experience in leveraging funds and forging lasting partnerships.

Hezelburcht offers support throughout the entire grant acquisition process, from establishing which grant(s) you may be eligible for, to writing and submitting a grant proposal, to the approval and compliance phase. We can start supporting your organisation by performing a baseline measurement and drafting a roadmap which provides insights into matching grant and funding possibilities.

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