Project Management for collaborative projects

The European Union as well as the Dutch government invest millions of Euro’s yearly to stimulate key themes and developments. They do this, among others, by financing collaborative projects across sectors, disciplines and borders.

Coordination and management of collaborative projects

Have you submitted a grant proposal for a collaborative project and/or has your proposal already been granted? Congratulations, the first milestone has been reached! A successful project depends however on excellently implemented project management. As the principal investigator you have the responsibility for the full coordination of the project, meaning the scientific as well as the administrative and financial parts. Moreover, you need to inform and instruct the project partners about the rules and regulations set by the grant provider.
Often, the administrative and financial coordination of a collaborative project is not the core business of the principal investigator. We therefore advise to bring an experienced specialist on board that keeps track of deadlines, timely collects reports and coordinates the necessary actions. This ensures you being able to fully focus on the (scientific) content of your project.

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Our service | Support from start to finish

Hezelburcht can fully or partially take over the project management of your project. Do you need an amendment for your project? Do you experience the communication with Brussels to be complicated? Do you have problems finalizing your reports in time? We can assist you with these topics. You can focus on performing research while we take care of the project management. Our project managers have broad experience with the activities as listed below. Moreover, we have up to date knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply during the COVID-19 crisis.

Setting up grant and consortium agreements

  • Provide strategic advice to partners;
  • Support with negotiations between partners;
  • Offer legal support and advice;

Day-to-day (financial) project management

  • Collect updates on financial and scientific progress;
  • Check and report on deviations from the planning;
  • Monitor and submit deliverables and milestones;
  • Communication with EU Project Officer;
  • Monitor budget;
  • Monitor the adherence to the conditions as described in the Consortium Agreement.


  • Remind partners of deadlines for financial and scientific reports;
  • Advise partners on financial guidelines;
  • Set up cost statements;
  • Monitor cost statements;
  • Send formats and collecting input for scientific reports from partners;
  • Check, edit and synchronize inputs from partners;
  • Finalize reports and submitting them to the grant provider.


  • Schedule and prepare project meetings (setting up programmes, inviting participants, producing minutes, following up lists of activities); live and online;
  • Schedule and prepare training events (if applicable).

Supporting amendments

  • Take appropriate actions in case of deviations of the work plan or Consortium Agreement and report to grant provider where appropriate;
  • Set out strategy for a smooth amendment process;
  • Draw amendments and justification letters;
  • Communication with EU Project Officer;
  • Budget calculations;
  • Support with administrative details.

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