Green Deal Call for developing the biggest hydrogen project of Europe

The European Commission is busy developing the extensive Green Deal Subsidy schemes. Various topics are covered within this programme, including ‘Supplying clean, affordable and secure energy’. This theme contains two grant calls for: [1] the development of new offshore technologies designed to generate sustainable energy and [2] the development and demonstration of a 100 MW electrolyser.

The exact requirements and budgets have not been determined yet, but as an interested party you are welcome to give your feedback regarding these topics via the following link.

Green Deal call area 2: supplying clean, affordable and secure energy

Renewable and clean energy is meant to become the most important source of energy in the future. This type of energy will lead to a decrease of 75% of CO2-emissions and helps us in reaching the 2030 and 2050 climate goals. For these reasons, the call is focused on investments in the development of offshore technologies as well as the development and demonstration of a 100 MW electrolyser.

Topic 1: Demonstration of innovative critical technologies to enable future large-scale deployment of offshore renewable energy technologies and their integration into the energy system

Our oceans have the potential to generate ample of renewable energy. A set-up at sea can make use of sources such as the wind, solar power and even tidal waves in order to produce energy. Projects within topic 1 need to focus on developing and demonstrating innovative renewable energy sources at sea in order to be taken into consideration. These will be judged on efficiency, reliability and circularity.

Topic 2: Develop and demonstrate a 100 MW electrolyser upscaling the link between renewables and industrial applications

Hydrogen is considered to be one of the most important and promising sources with great potential. It’s estimated that about 400 to 511 GigaWatt (GW) electrolyser capacity is needed to produce enough hydrogen in order to create a climate neutral Europe. This requires an extreme amount of further development and upscaling, especially considering that currently the largest electrolyser by the FCH JU project has a capacity of 20 MegaWatt (MW). This process therefore needs to be done in careful stages in order to reach the ultimate goal. The first step focusses on the development of an electrolyser that carries a capacity of 100 MW. If and when this specific step has been reached, the next step of developing one at GigaWatt-levels can be taken.

Although the exact requirements haven’t been determined yet, the goal is as clear as day: develop and install a 100 MW electrolyser in order to produce hydrogen. Because of the scope of the goal, large projects targeted at developing stable and efficient electrolyser modules of 4-5 MW (or more) are eligible within topic 2. These modules will then be compiled into one electrolyser system of 100 MW. The system will be demonstrated in practical and realistic circumstances and must use renewable energy in order to produce green hydrogen.

Due to the project size, it is desirable to start preparation in time

The estimated costs of developing an electrolyser are € 1 million per MW. This means that the projects requested by the EU have a budgetary size that will easily exceed € 100 million. Applications can be made from September 2020, the deadline for this registration is expected to be (late) January 2021. Projects of this capacity require a great number of resources by a consortium, hence start on time with preparations and determining the relevant partners.

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