Since its first year of operation (2015), Hezelburcht has been supporting the sustainable and fast-growing company Jedlix. The spin-off of energy supplier Eneco is known for its smart way of electric charging. Through the Jedlix app, customers can have the optimal charging plan calculated and save money with it. Both the wishes of the individual and the available capacity on the electricity network are taken into account. Time and again, they try to push the boundaries in their product and services. One such groundbreaking project, for example, is the Vehicle-to-Grid project.

Making the energy system more sustainable with Vehicle-to-Grid

Vehicle-to-Grid makes it possible to charge bi-directionally; charge electrically and feed directly into the grid to cope with peaks and troughs (e.g. when less wind or solar energy is available). This innovation is woven into the Jedlix platform and helps develop a more sustainable and flexible electricity grid that provides benefits for both the grid operators and electric drivers.

Realising ambitions with the Dutch national grants DEI+, MIT Feasibility and more

The Vehicle-to-Grid project is currently ongoing until 2026. Prior to its start in 2022, Jedlix applied for an MIT feasibility study grant. To conduct the feasibility of the project. This grant contribution will benefit the development of a control programme that allows the batteries of electric cars to be used directly to add the necessary flexibility to an increasingly congested electricity grid.

Previous innovative smart charging projects by Jedlix have also been awarded with several grants. For example, Jedlix has been awarded with the DEI+ grant and TSE Urban Energy grant.

Grant support by Hezelburcht

From day one, Hezelburcht took care of the grant applications for Jedlix; from drafting the application to supporting the administration and justification. We are proud of the growth the company has experienced and the opportunities it offers for a greener and cleaner way of electric charging. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership!

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