The first Eurostars call is ongoing: have you started preparing your application yet?

The first call of the Eurostars programme in 2022 has been open for applications since 21 January. Have you started preparing your proposal yet? The first call will be open until 24 March 2022. Apply now for Eurostars!

When and how to apply for the first Eurostars call

As mentioned, the first call is now ongoing. Proposals for your R&D project can still be submitted. However, a Eurostars application takes time and a lot of effort. A timely preparation for a successful application is therefore key. Do you need more time than planned for your project and/or application? And are you afraid to miss out on applying for the first call? A second call will be open for proposals from 13 July to 15 September 2022. Contact us now for advice and support with applying for either one of the calls!

The pros of Eurostars

  • You will gain access to public funding which entails a grant contribution of up to € 500.000 from your national funding body;
  • The programme stimulates collaboration between all kinds of organisations and countries all over world;
  • You are able to share ideas with like-minded international partners, thus forming a propelling force behind your innovations and market-driven R&D projects;
  • It will make your organisation more interesting to private investors.

Interested in a one-on-one meeting…

… to discuss the funding opportunities of Eurostars 2022? Hezelburcht has extensive experience in applying for European grants for various international organisations and consortia. We would be pleased to assist you in matching your R&D project with interesting grant opportunities.

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