For whom?

ICT industry players

For what?

Projects that contribute to an inclusive digital society

When to apply?

Deadline spring call: 24 May 2023

In need of advice?

Are you currently working on an innovation within the wide scope of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)? Collaborate with other innovative minds within the Eureka Cluster CELTIC-NEXT. CELTIC-NEXT has two calls for project proposals per year.


CELTIC-NEXT is an industry-driven initiative. It involves almost all major ICT industry players as well as many SMEs, service providers and research institutes. The cluster’s activities are open to all organisations that share the CELTIC-NEXT vision of an inclusive digital society. This cluster is for you if:

  • want to collaborate in R&D projects within Europe and beyond;
  • are interested in receiving public funding support;
  • want to increase your chances of getting your project approved and funded;
  • want low administrative overhead;
  • want a flexible framework;
  • want high exploitation potential and business impact.

CELTIC-NEXT call for proposals

You are currently able to submit a project proposal for CELTIC-NEXT. Project proposals can be submitted by any type of company, large industry, small companies, universities and research organisations. The call is even open to companies outside the EUREKA countries. Your project has to be close to market and business needs and can be defined bottom-up, meaning it does not need to follow defined programme objectives. However, it must cover ICT related research items, for example in Industry 4.0, Smart Transport, Space ICT, Digital Education and so on.

Furthermore, as with all other Eureka clusters and programmes, the project consortium must consist of at least two different partners from two different Eureka countries. One must be an Eureka Country Member and one must be either an Eureka Country Member or Eureka Associated Country.

Learn more about this cluster

We would be pleased to advice you on the best course of action regarding your application. Contact us via 088 495 20 00 or info@hezelburcht.com for more information on CELTIC-NEXT or our services.

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