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Innovative entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes

For what?

R&D projects

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Up to € 350.000 per project

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Are you an innovative entrepeneur focussing on the development of technologies for new products, processes or services? Do you collaborate with partners outside of Europe? Then Globalstars might be of interest to you!

Economic growth with Globalstars

The goal of Globalstars, an initiative by EUREKA, is to create economic growth and solutions to economic, strategic and societal problems. The Department of Economic Affairs and Climate tries to stimulate the Dutch business world as well as research institutes to carry out market-oriented R&D alongside partners from innovative economies outside of Europe.


You can submit a project proposal for this grant under the condition that you collaborate with at least one Eureka country and one (or more) organisations from a predetermined innovative economy. Only when this requirement has been met other organisations, such as knowledge institutes, are eligible to join the project.

Project partners are eligible for funding when they adhere to the rules and regulation of their national funding organisation. For example, in the Netherlands projects need to follow the rules and regulations by the Rijksoverheid voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO).

Application process | National and international

The application process of this initiative is somewhat different than usual. Your project needs to meet national and international standards. First, your project proposal must be submitted to Eureka in Brussels. Has your project been approved? In this case you can also submit your proposal to RVO. In other words, whether your project receives funding depends on the quality of the project proposal. Hezelburcht makes sure your proposal meets the Eureka requirements. We will also support you with drafting a great RVO application.

Develop your innovative technology with Globalstars

Interested in the possibilities of Globalstars for your project? Our specialists at Hezelburcht have ample of experience with international-oriented programmes and grants, such as Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, Eurostars and ITEA3. Don’t hesitate to contact us via 088 495 20 00 or for more information! Our specialists will be pleased to inform you of the possibilities and whether your project is a match for Globalstars or other funding opportunities.


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