The manufacturing industry is engaged in the transformation of goods or materials into products. The industry is quite extensive and has been in existence for quite some time tracing back to the start of the Industrial Revolution over a century ago. Innovation has been ongoing since. With the emergence of the internet, the traditional way of manufacturing has become intertwined with the internet resulting in the existence of Industry 4.0.

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Grant opportunities for companies based in Europe

The European Union offers many funding opportunities within the manufacturing industry. The largest and most well-known programme is Horizon 2020 in which consortia (consisting of different organisations, including manufacturing) and knowledge institutes are invited to submit their project.

SMEs as well as large enterprises and universities can apply for the Eurostars programme. The goal is to stimulate market-oriented technological R&D-developments. A consortium consists of at least one SME and it is required that they work together with foreign partners from at least one of the other Eurostars countries. Projects in which collaboration is required offer companies the opportunity to introduce themselves to new markets, gain brand-new knowledge, learn about innovative technologies and share the risks.

Funding opportunities for Dutch companies

The Dutch manufacturing industry is considered to be one of the most innovative in the world. This leading position can be attributed to a strong market focus on Dutch factories as well as a favorable innovation climate.

The Dutch government tries to stimulate innovation and development by introducing various funding opportunities. For instance, WBSO provides a tax credit for companies and self-employed individuals who engage in R&D work. Theoretically every technical innovation (of products and processes) is eligible for tax credit. Besides WBSO there are many more funding options for innovation projects such as:

  • Export | DHI
  • Internship guidance | Praktijkleren
  • Refresher course in the Dutch language | Tel mee met Taal
  • Improvement of the employment system | ESF Duurzame Inzetbaarheid
  • Investing in energy-saving production means | Energie Investeringsaftrek (EIA)
  • Investing in sustainable production means | Milieu Investeringsaftrek \ Vamil (MIA)
  • Investing in generating sustainable energy | Subsidieregeling Duurzame Energie (SDE+)

One of the most important and relevant grants within the Dutch manufacturing industry is the MIT programme. This grant specifically aims to support SMEs active within one of the nine top sectors. Dutch SMEs can apply for three different funding instruments within MIT.

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