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The Belgium – Netherlands Funding of International Trials (BeNeFIT) aims to improve medical care by comparing the effectiveness of existing health care interventions that are already in use for a given indication. Interested in this programme? Continue reading to learn more about BeNeFIT.

Purpose of BeNeFIT

BeNeFIT provides funding for great ideas (clinical trials) by research teams in Belgium and the Netherlands that compare the effectiveness of existing health care interventions. This can be different kind of trials: from comparing medications to investigating optimal timing of surgery. It is important that the research is pragmatic, practice-oriented and non-commercial of nature.

It is also important that the different treatment options that are compared in your trial should concern treatments that are (or have the potential of being) reimbursed by health care payers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Moreover, your BeNeFIT trial has the potential of generating results with an immediate and important impact on the efficiency of the health care systems in Belgium and The Netherlands!

Evaluation procedure

Your research proposal will be evaluated by the BeNeFIT Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC). Applicants will be invited for an interview to present and discuss their study proposal. After consideration of the evaluation criteria, external reviews, rebuttals, interviews and the SEC members’ own discussions, a score will be given to each proposal. Proposals will then be ranked and selected to submit a revised version. After another ranking, a final funding decision will be made.

Optimal support by Hezelburcht

Has your project idea been selected by BeNeFIT? Hezelburcht would be pleased to assist you in writing a strong and concise research proposal. Our specialists have broad experience with reviewing and writing applications for individual researchers as well as research teams. Hezelburcht also offers support and guidance with project management to make sure your project runs smoothly. Contact us via 088 495 20 00 or for an introductory meeting.


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