Reviewing grant applications

Besides supporting our clients with grant writing from the very first project idea, we also assist numerous academic researchers by reviewing their grant applications, for example we perform reviews for the European Research Council (ERC), and the Dutch NWO VENI, VIDI and VICI proposals.

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These grant proposals are highly personal and contain the most novel ideas of the applicant; therefore, we do not actually author these proposals. Our role is to make sure that the ideas of the researcher are described clearly, understandably and in a structured manner. We do this by reviewing the text and commenting on how it could be improved. In this way, we ensure that the proposal fits perfectly with what the evaluators expect to read.

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Our team of specialists consists of consultants with high-quality backgrounds at either the MSc or PhD level. One of our roles is to provide grant advice regarding fundamental scientific research. Our specialists speak your language and their backgrounds match your research field. Therefore, they are able to help you take your application to the next level!

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