Funding Roadmap: a tailored grant and subsidy strategy

As a company you are in constant motion – driving technological innovation to improve the quality of your products & services, reduce costs, and develop new products or business models to maintain or achieve an edge over the competition. Not to mention that most companies have set ambitious and inspiring sustainability goals for 2025 and beyond! This requires a significant amount of funding to better leverage your investment. Just like your other development activities, your funding strategy needs a well thought-out plan. Hezelburcht offers a tailored Funding Roadmap so that you make full use of all the relevant grant and funding opportunities!

Connecting innovation and investments to funding opportunities

Without an efficient and strategic grant strategy your innovation and investment plans can be delayed. Or you may miss out on important funding opportunities due to a mismatch in timing or selection/award criteria. As a leading grant consultancy company, we understand how difficult it can be to match your project with the right grant opportunities – as well as staying on top of ever changing funding regulations, schemes and requirements. We are also no strangers to the importance of aligning ambitions to deadlines and the key performance indictors necessary to meet corporate and commercial demands.

Subsidy Scan and Grant Strategy

To ensure that you have a clear overview of the key funding opportunities and that the applications to the various schemes for multiple projects runs smoothly, we offer a solution: the Subsidy Scan. The Subsidy Scan maps all available relevant options in a concise manner so you can decide on the best way forward. Alternatively, we can go one step further and develop a complete Grant Strategy with detailed timelines, comprehensive gap analysis and action plan. Our strategic advice and support from start to finish will ensure that you will not miss out on any funding opportunities!

Our added value

Our team of specialists comprises highly qualified skilled consultants with a background and experience in your field of work. One of our roles is to identify all relevant funding opportunities and continuously monitor the funding landscape. This allows us to have the latest insights and track any and all (upcoming) relevant grant regulations, schemes and requirements.

We would be pleased to create a tailored Funding Roadmap for you

Are you wondering how and which grants can help realise your ambitions? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our consultants are pleased to create a roadmap tailored to your wants and needs. Schedule an introductory meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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