Compliance & administrative support

You have submitted a grant application and received approval from the grant provider. That is great news, the first big step has been taken! Did you know that from this point on, you have to meet specific financial and administrative obligations?

Administration that meets the requirements of the grant provider

Hezelburcht offers specialists who can guide you through this phase of the grant process. Your own administration is our starting point. Subsequently, we revise your administration so it is completely ‘grant-proof’, paying attention to the specific requirements of and legislation concerning the grant scheme appropriate to your project(s).

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Detailed support | compliance

Besides the administrative requirements, national and European grant programmes require periodic and final reporting. Naturally, you want your administration and project management to be correct to make sure your project receives 100% of the grant that is awarded. Incomplete administration could lead to repayments or even fines. Therefore, our team of experienced compliance officers can help and advise you with, for example:

  • Setting up the right administration system
  • Meeting & monitoring grant requirements
  • Periodic and final reporting
  • Preparing for audits

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