Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy

The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a non-profit research organisation established in 2017 in Amsterdam dedicated to providing expert knowledge on climate energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy policies.

Awarded Horizon 2020 grants & compliance

IEECP has been awarded numerous European Commission Financial Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (H2020) grants in a record time attesting to their success and contribution to their field. In order to consolidate their position they wanted to take steps to strengthen their organisational structure and operational procedures to accommodate the increasing number of projects and continue to ensure compliance with the H2020 rules and regulations.

Hezelburcht concluded the compliance audit and provided tailored advice for scaling up their grant management strategy. This strategy aligns with the organisational needs of IEECP including adherence to the current H2020 requirements and readiness for future grants under the next framework programme.

Hezelburcht selected as partner

Out of five major accounting and grant audit firms, Hezelburcht was selected to conduct the compliance audit. Our consultancy firm was selected as our tailored approach and efficient strategies aligned with the audit needs of IEECP in the best possible manner.

Thank you very much, on behalf of the entire organisation, for the great work you provided. Your experiences and recommendations are really valuable to us and will enable us to grow in a sustainable way! - Dr. Vlasios Oikonomou, Board Member at IEECP.

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