The first call of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) for urban development opens this autumn

On 5 September 2022, a Contribution Agreement was signed between the Hauts-de-France Region and the European Commission regarding the European Urban Initiative (EUI). The Hauts-de-France Region, the current Urban Innovative Actions Entrusted Entity, will also be in charge of the operational management of EUI. The first call of EUI is expected to take place this autumn.

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Core values of the New European Bauhaus

It is expected that the first call will be open for applications in the autumn of 2022. Funding will be made available for projects related to the ‘New European Bauhaus’ (NEB). This means that the three NEB core values must be reflected in the projects:

  • Sustainable: it must be in harmony with nature, the environment and the planet.
  • Inclusive: it encourages dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages.
  • Beautiful: it is aesthetically pleasing, goes beyond functionality and is inspired by art and culture.

Objectives for innovative solutions

Accordingly, your project must also fall under one of the following four themes. These themes have been chosen because they have great potential for creating new, innovative solutions:

Construction and renovation in the spirit of circularity and carbon neutrality

This includes projects that reuse or preserve local materials and resources and aim for carbon neutrality.

Preservation and transformation of cultural heritage

This theme covers projects that aim to preserve and offer equal access to cultural heritage, or transform heritage sites with a high social purpose (with and for citizens) and a low carbon footprint.

Adaptation and transformation of buildings for affordable housing solutions

Under this theme, you can receive funding for projects that, through innovative, creative and/or artistic techniques, materials and sustainable building processes, transform decommissioned or empty buildings into affordable housing.

Regenerating urban spaces

The last theme includes projects that combine the three NEB core values to regenerate abandoned urban areas or urban areas that experience difficulties. Within this type of project, it is very important that inhabitants, in particular less-represented groups/communities, are engaged in the co-development processes.

The funding opportunities of the European Urban Initiative (EUI)

Do you have a project idea that could contribute to the realisation of a sustainable, inclusive and beautiful living environment in Europe? Hezelburcht will be happy to help you discover the funding opportunities of EUI. Contact us today for an introductory meeting with one of our specialists.

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