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Approximately two-thirds of the European population lives in cities. The approach to unemployment, poverty, economic growth and the environment of these cities is essential to the economic and social development of Europe. The European URBACT programme focusses on stimulating the knowledge, capacity and expertise of these cities in the field of urban development and networking. By networking, these cities are able to exchange information and good practices. This will allow cities to learn from one another in order to face common, complex challenges.

URBACT IV programme (2021 – 2027)

URBACT IV Is officially approved by the European Commission per October 2022. This marks the beginning of new edition of the programming period. URBACT will not change in its goal, which is supporting cities working on integrated, sustainable urban development through EU cooperation. The following types of networks will return in the upcoming period:

  • Action Planning Networks: developing local integrated Action Plans to improve cities
  • Transfer Networks: understanding, adapting and re-using a labelled good practice to context
  • Innovation Transfer Mechanism: developing investment plans for initiatives implemented under the Urban Innovative Actions and the European Urban Initiative projects

For whom is this programme?

URBACT welcomes partners from the 27 EU Member States. Partner States (Norway and Switzerland) and IPA beneficiary countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia) are also welcome to participate. Cities from other countries can also take part in the programme’s activities, however, they must do so at their own costs.


A wide range of urban themes will be covered in URBACT IV. There are three cross-cutting themes that are preferably taken into account when defining your project: green, gender and/or digital.

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