Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)

For whom?

Cities, municipalities and urban regions

For what?

Stimulating sustainable urban development

More information

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an initiative of the European Union in order to stimulate sustainable urban development. Cities, municipalities and regions throughout Europe often face similar challenges. Unemployment, migration and air pollution are among these challenges. The grant scheme supports ground-breaking projects which are aimed at finding new and as-yet-to-be-proven solutions for these challenges.

Innovative solutions for sustainable urban development

UIA is a challenging European grant scheme due to the great interest in the programme. Only the most innovative projects are selected. A project –testing a solution for sustainable urban development – can receive 80% subsidy, up to a maximum of €5 million. The project must be executed within a 3-year period. Urban regions, municipalities and cities with a minimum of 50,000 inhabitants are eligible for the subsidy.

Applying for UIA

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