European Urban Initiative (EUI)

For whom?

Any urban authority, association, grouping of urban authorities, or local administrative units of cities comprising of at least 50.000 inhabitants

For what?

Innovative solutions for sustainable urban development

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With a total budget of € 450 million, European Urban Initiative (EUI) is the funding instrument for projects, that address the challenges in urban areas in the European Union (EU). The overall objectives of the EUI are to strengthen integrated and participatory approaches to sustainable urban development, and to provide a stronger link to EU policies, in particular to the Cohesion policy. The initiative will support cities in facing the coming challenges and to help cities reach climate neutrality by 2050. You can apply for the grant from 31 May till 5 October 2023.

For whom is European Urban Initiative?

The programme provides funding for at least small and medium sized cities. Proposals can be submitted by any urban authority, association, grouping of urban authorities, or local administrative units of cities comprising of at least 50.000 inhabitants. Project results may be shared with other Member States upon request, promoting international urban cooperation in the EU.

Objectives of the European Urban Initiative

The EUI will consist out of two strands, addressing the specific objectives of the EUI (which are expected to be announced in Q4 2022). These strands are:

  • support of innovative actions;
  • support of capacity and knowledge building, territorial impact assessments, policy development and communication.

Throughout the programme, calls will be opened that address specific challenges in cities, which can be addressed by projects that fit in the two strands.

Furthermore, the EUI will address several cross-cutting issues with funding, in order for cities to reach the goals. Under the cohesion policy, the EUI will contribute to the sustainable development of an integrated, participative and place-based development of cities. Projects must tackle the economic, environmental, climate, demographic and social challenges faced by urban areas. In addition, the EUI will address the societal challenges coming with the transition towards a climate neutral economy and the harnessing of the potential of a digital society. Special attention will be given to urban-rural linkages and small and medium sized cities.

The application procedure

The assessment procedure for applications consists of three phases:

  1. the eligibility check;
  2. the strategic assessment; and
  3. the operational assessment.

After each phase, notifications will be provided if a project makes it to the next phase.


There is a strong focus on sustainability and on the strategic goals of the New European Bauhaus:

  • Enriching, inspired by art and culture, responding to needs beyond functionality.
  • Sustainable, in harmony with nature, the environment, and our planet.
  • Inclusive, encouraging a dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages.

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