Hezelburcht is expanding its business in Switzerland

For over twenty years Hezelburcht has provided (full service) grant support to assist our clients in achieving their strategic, financial and innovative ambitions and has become one of the largest service providers in the field of grant consultancy and grant management in the Netherlands.

Next to providing service in the Netherlands, Hezelburcht is experienced in applying for grants at the regional, national and European levels for clients throughout Europe and beyond. It is now specifically expanding its business to Switzerland. Therefore the Life Sciences, Health & Food team of Hezelburcht has been present at match-making events and conferences, such as the Swiss Biotech Day in Basel and the Swiss Medtech Day in Bern. Furthermore, Hezelburcht recently opened a grant support desk at the University of Zürich for one research group.

World-class universities, research and innovation

Switzerland is known for its world-class universities and outstanding research and innovation, especially in the life sciences industry. The regions where life sciences parties are clustered are Basel/Baselland, Zürich, Geneva/Vaud and Ticino. In these regions, pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech sectors have been collaborating more closely in recent years, for example in drug delivery systems, diagnostics, or active functional surfaces. Moreover, as legislation is continuously being updated and expanded, the life sciences industry is continuously innovating.

Funding opportunities for innovation and research in Switzerland

There are many national funding opportunities in Switzerland for outstanding research and innovation projects. Next to this, although Switzerland is not part of the European Union, they are fully associated to the European research programme. Therefore Swiss parties are able to apply for grants within the Horizon 2020 programme and her follow-up programme Horizon Europe.

Nevertheless, many universities and companies benefit from a professional approach to grant acquisition, which covers finding and matching projects to grant programmes, building the right consortia, writing strong applications, and managing the administrative sides of the projects. The Life Sciences, Health & Food team of Hezelburcht has ample experience in all these steps and is ready to help Swiss companies, universities and research institutes with their grant acquisition strategy. The consultants speak the clients’ language and their backgrounds match the clients’ sectors.

Hezelburcht grant expertise | Swiss universities and companies

The specialists of our Life Sciences, Health & Food team already successfully supported several Swiss clients in applying for national and European grants. Next to our expertise in writing and reviewing grant applications for universities and companies, our specialists assist and train researchers in applying for personal grants.

Hezelburcht grant support desk at University of Zürich

Hezelburcht just opened a grant support desk at the University of Zürich. At this grant desk our specialists will act as driver for subsidy awareness of employees of the research group and will proactively inform researchers about grant opportunities.

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