Eurostars 2 (2014-2020) evaluation results

Eureka Eurostars is the largest international funding programme for SMEs collaborating on R&D-projects to create innovative products, processes or services. Eurostars is funding technological and business development and thus boosts the internationalisation of SMEs. From 2014 till 2020 Eurostars 2 was in place. Eurostars 2 has now been evaluated, we have summarised some statistics:

Eurostars 2 evaluation results

As many as 5,891 projects were submitted between 2014 and 2020. And a total of 1,546 projects were funded within the Eurostars-2 programme and were positively evaluated by beneficiaries and national funding agencies. Most participants of these projects, 66% in total, were R&D-performing SMEs and SMEs (SMEs are always the project leaders). The other project participants were: 15% universities, 9% research institutes and 6% large companies. The average number of costs in a project have been around 1.4 Million Euro and the average success rate of the Eurostars 2 was 27%. An average of 103 projects were funded per cut-off date.

The following countries had the highest success rate in Eurostars 2:

  • The Netherlands;
  • Switzerland;
  • Belgium;
  • Israel;
  • Germany.

Number of participants per country:

Most participants came from Germany (779), followed by the Netherlands (603), Switzerland (492), Denmark (434) and Sweden (348).

Participants per country

Image 1: overview of participants in the Eurostars 2 programme per country (source: Publications Office of the European Union)

The countries with the highest national budget:

  • Germany: 112M;
  • The Netherlands: 102M;
  • France: 74M;
  • Sweden: 71M;
  • Norway: 59M;
  • Spain: 53M.

Markets addressed by Eurostars-2 projects:

Different technological areas were addressed. But with 38%, ‘medical/ health related’ was the far most common topic within Eurostars 2 projects.

Eurostars 2 project markets

Image 2: markets addressed by Eurostars 2 (source: Publications Office of the European Union)

For those who don’t know: what is Eurostars?

Eurostars is an important grant for SMEs interested in collaborating on R&D projects aimed at innovating products, processes or services. To be eligible, your project:

  • Is led by an innovative SME from a Eurostars country;
  • Lasts up to 36 months;
  • Has an exclusive focus on civil applications;

In addition you must meet the following criteria:

  • The consortium consists of at least 2 independent entities;
  • The consuortium consists of at least 2 Eurostars countries;
  • At least 50% of the project’s budget is carried out by the SME;
  • No participant or country is responsible for more than 70% of the project costs.

Apply for Eurostars call 5

The fifth Eurostars call is open from 14 July to 14 September 2023. Eurostars offers a maximum of € 500.000 per project. Project partners can receive 40% or 50% of their total R&D-costs:

  • SME’s: 50%
  • Research organisations or universities: 50%
  • Large company and other participants: 40%

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