Clean Hydrogen Partnership launches new research call for hydrogen projects

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is set to propel hydrogen research and innovation forward with the launch of a new call for proposals, injecting a substantial €113.5 million into Horizon Europe. The funding aims to support projects that span Research and Innovation (R&I) activities throughout the entire hydrogen value chain.

Horizon Europe Funding Boost

Under the newly announced initiative, a significant sum of €113.5 million will be allocated through Horizon Europe. This financial infusion is dedicated to catalyzing advancements in hydrogen technologies and fostering innovation across various stages of the hydrogen value chain. In an additional boost, €60 million from the RePowerEU plan budget will be earmarked for supporting diverse activities. This includes topping up related call topics and initiating procurement to establish and operate a ‘Hydrogen Valleys Facility.’ The objective is to increase the proliferation of Hydrogen Valleys throughout Europe.

Topics of this 2024 call

The call for proposals comprises a total of 20 topics, covering various aspects of hydrogen research:

  • 5 topics for Renewable Hydrogen Production;
  • 5 topics for Hydrogen Storage and distribution;
  • 4 topics for transport;
  • 2 topics for heat and power;
  • 2 topics for Cross-cutting issues;
  • 2 topics for Hydrogen Valleys.

To streamline the research efforts, the topics are organized into 11 Research and Innovation Actions (RIA), 8 Innovation Actions (IA), and 1 Coordination and Support Action (CSA). Notably, two of the Innovation Actions, focusing on Hydrogen Valleys, are identified as strategically significant flagship projects.

Apply for the Clean Hydrogen Partnership 2024

Interested parties have until 17 April 2024 to submit their proposals. Are you interested in this call and do you want more information? Or do you want to find out if your hydrogen project is eligible within this call? Get in touch with our European Grant specialists for more information.

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