To put it plainly, Hezelburcht is unique. We do not merely provide comprehensive support services for the entire grant and funding process; we also ensure that all services are grounded in technical excellence and within the relevant policy context. In order to do so, we have two European Affairs Managers (EAMs) who keep their ears to the ground in the policy arena of the Netherlands and Europe.

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Networking is the backbone of the work done by our European Affairs Managers. It allows them early access to local, national or international intelligence in the key areas of interest for Hezelburcht’s clients so they can (help) devise appropriate follow-up actions and strategic responses.

It is one thing to be at the forefront of policy implementation – it is even better to be in the driver’s seat of policy change. Our EAMs are experienced professionals and experts in their fields, making them uniquely qualified to partake in development and decision-making processes at the national and European levels. This includes contributing to the perception, presentation and definition of key social impact policy developments.

Our EAMs’ network can be highly useful for your organisation or project(s). They are able to support you by:

  • Reviewing your organisation’s position and perception within relevant policy circles
  • Building and raising the profile of your organisations’ portfolio and its impact
  • Connecting your organisation with key stakeholders

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