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Imagine tapping into the power of state-of-the-art quantum computers—all from the cloud. With quantum cloud computing, groundbreaking technology and quantum computations are readily available without the need for investment in hardware. Yet, the path to this quantum revolution is hindered by privacy and security challenges that hold back its full potential.  

HSM-QCC: Hardware Security Module for secure delegated Quantum Cloud Computing

HSM-QCC, led by prof. Pepijn Pinkse of the University of Twente, will tackle these critical security issues. This project builds on the theoretical QEnclave concept, developed by consortium partners, to create a trusted execution environment in the universal quantum setting. QEnclave demonstrates that scrambling input states through single-qubit rotations within a hardware module directly on the server will secure quantum cloud computing. 

Redefine security in optical quantum cloud computing

HSM-QCC will develop, test and validate this theoretical concept. The result will be a hardware security module along with software for secure delegated quantum computing protocols, validated in a lab environment. By leveraging quantum resources and hardware security, this proof of concept will redefine security in optical quantum cloud computing.  

The consortium

The consortium consists of four research organizations and three companies, each contributing unparalleled expertise in hardware security, theoretical security analysis, quantum information, quantum complexity theory, photonic experimentation, and software compilation. 

  • Prof. Dr. Pepijn Pinkse, University of Twente, Centre for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente  
  • Dr. Myrto Arapinis, University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics 
  • Dr. Marc Kaplan, VeriQloud 
  • Dr. Stéphanie Molin, Thales Group 
  • Prof. Dr. Elham Kashefi, Sorbonne University, Faculty of Science and Engineering 
  • Prof. Tamás Kozsik, Eötvös Loránd University 
  • Lars Hohmuth, QuiX GmbH  

Customer satisfaction with grant application support

With grant support from Hezelburcht (Jos van Maasacker and Nina van der Vaart), the consortium has secured a total of €1,284,464 from the QuantERA program call 2023. This program consists of a network of national Research Funding Organizations (RFO). Each RFO has its own rules and eligibility criteria on top of the QuantERA criteria.  

Jos and Nina managed the entire process and budget definition. Thanks to their support the process ran very smooth, we were able to set up a balanced consortium and submit a crystal-clear proposal in line with both international and national criteria. - Evaluation report coordinator HSM-QCC Prof. Pepijn Pinkse


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