Tocano B.V.

Tocano B.V. is an innovative start-up located in Delft, The Netherlands. The two alumni of Delft University of Technology, Arnaud van der Veen and Ven Chandrasekar, developed a laser-based monochrome inkless® printing technology, which enables to print on multiple substrates without any consumables or coatings. Especially for printing on paper objects (copy paper, cardboard etc.), the inkless technology forms a revolutionary new step in the history of printing technologies.

Existing inkless technologies either require a special coated substrate to print on or are simply not accurate enough to print on thin materials with a sufficient readable contrast. Tocano developed and patented an inkless printing technology which has an improved accuracy and significant better contrast. This makes it possible to print without consumables on thin materials, without giving in on the readability of the printed content.

Tocano uses the grant consulting services of Hezelburcht to apply for grants in order to further develop their innovative printing technology. Tocano has received funding for their R&D activities in 2016 from the Dutch MIT and WBSO grant programs. Furthermore, they received the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant in 2017, which is part of the European Horizon 2020 program.

The successful collaboration between Tocano and Hezelburcht can be characterized as follow:

As an entrepreneur, time is scarce. If you want to grow, you must delegate or outsource activities you’re not familiar with. In my case grant acquisition. If you are looking for financial help, my advice to all technical entrepreneurs is to cooperate with a grant expert like Hezelburcht. It not only saves you a lot of time, it also increases your chances of a successful grant application. In addition, you always have someone who keeps an eye on the grant opportunities for your business, which prevents you from losing opportunities to grow. Why did Tocano chose to collaborate with Hezelburcht? The experts at Hezelburcht understand technology. That makes the process a lot easier and produces high quality applications. - Arnaud van der Veen, Business Founder

Amongst other the Dutch news channel NOS gave attention to the groundbreaking innovations form the young entrepreneurs. This video gives a good impression of Tocano and their revolutionary inkless® printing technology.


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