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The European Research Council (ERC) encourages the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields.

ERC Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent researchers at the career stage at which they are already established research leaders. Apart from having a track record of significant research achievements in the last ten years, applicants must demonstrate the ground breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal. Read more about the ERC programme.

CATCH-22 project by Prof. Nigel Hussey receives € 2.5 million ERC grant

Experimental physicist Prof. Nigel Hussey is recognised as a world leader in understanding the electrical transport properties of low-dimensional correlated electron systems. His ERC Advanced proposal CATCH-22 is aimed at testing the paradox hidden in exotic metals.
In ordinary metals, the electrons causing the electric current travel through a regular pattern of particles before they scatter, creating resistivity.

However, in exotic metals the scattering process is so intense that electrons can barely travel without scattering. When these metals cool down, they become superconductors at much higher temperatures than ordinary metals. The paradox lies in that superconductivity in exotic metals at high temperatures results from the interaction that causes the scattering process, but because the scattering is so strong, it also destroys the electronic statuses that are necessary to create superconductivity.

ERC Grant

Proud to have supported | reviewing ERC Advanced proposal

Prof. Hussey received a prestigious € 2.5 million from the ERC to continue his research and gain significant insight into the above written problem and challenges. He will perform this research at the High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) and the FELIX laboratory in Nijmegen. Read more about Prof. Hussey and his research project in the news article written by Radboud University.

Hezelburcht has supported prof. Hussey by reviewing his ERC Advanced proposal in multiple review rounds.

The support from Hezelburcht during writing of the grant was extremely helpful, particularly in getting the small details right and the structure of the proposal in good order – things you seldom have time to think about during the grant-writing process. - Prof. Nigel Hussey

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