Northern Wonder

Northern Wonder is an innovative start-up based in the World Food Centre in Ede. Their aim is to develop a sustainable ‘coffee-free’ coffee. The production of coffee is increasingly a cause of deforestation worldwide. Coffee substitutes represent less than 1% of the total coffee market. A major reason is that coffee substitutes do not have the unique taste and aroma of real coffee. Northern Wonder wants to solve this problem.

The innovation: coffee-free coffee

Northern Wonder wants to be the first to develop coffee-free coffee with the same aroma profile and the same flavour complexity and variability as ‘regular’ coffee. With this they bring a real alternative to the market that is a match for regular coffee. Northern Wonder is also committed to sustainability: the developments take place on the basis of locally produced raw materials, so without the use of ingredients from deforestation areas.

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Hezelburcht supports Northern Wonder

Since 2021, Northern Wonder has been making use of Hezelburcht’s expertise in looking for and applying for suitable funding opportunities. And with success: Northern Wonder’s innovative developments are now supported by the Dutch WBSO and MIT Feasibility studies. This allows Northern Wonder to realise its ambition more quickly and easily: a coffee experience without contributing to deforestation.

Inherent in being a start-up, keeping costs low and maximising subsidies is important. Hezelburcht’s no-cure-no-pay model fits in well with that principle. You can assume that Hezelburcht is an expert in what they do, but we have been pleasantly surprised by their huge commitment to subsidy projects, where you can see that Hezelburcht is not afraid to make a loss. It is therefore an investment in the relationship with the expectation of being present when it grows. And as far as we’re concerned, it will grow! The contact with specialists Naomi and Monique is very pleasant. We hope to continue working with them for a long time to come. - Northern Wonder

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