Kryha @ B. Amsterdam

Leading scale-up blockchain field

Blockchain company Kryha has been situated at B. Amsterdam since it was founded, and within a few years it has grown into a leading scale-up in the blockchain field. Kryha focuses on blockchain consultancy in complex organisations such as FedEx, Shell & BASF and also develops its own blockchain products. Kryha’s innovative and progressive approach to their field is reflected in the various successful innovation projects and hackathons they have won.

Kryha story

Subsidies support growth

Public funding in the form of grants has played a major role in Kryha’s rapid growth. This includes funding for the development of a blockchain-enabled bicycle lock, peer-to-peer blockchain networking and a new consensus method for distributed computing.

Hezelburcht as grant & innovation partner

Kryha has had their subsidy applications handled by Hezelburcht Grant Consultancy since their founding. Hezelburcht’s specialists take care of both national and European subsidy trajectories for the advancement of innovation. Our specialists have already supported Kryha with applications for subsidies such as the MIT Feasibility Study and WBSO.

A trusted business relation of ours recommended Hezelburcht. There was an immediate click with their subsidy experts. Hezelburcht not only proactively informed us about subsidy opportunities, but also quickly comprehended complex blockchain innovations. Owing to this technical knowledge, the application processes always run smoothly and have resulted in a number of successful subsidy applications. We have used those subsidies to finance a range of R&D activities. Hezelburcht has taken a tremendous amount of work off our hands and even introduced us to a few interesting companies from their extensive network! We most definitely recommend them! - Thom Bergman - COO Kryha


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