The power of visuals and infographics in your grant application

A good grant application is characterised by strong written text. But visuals and infographics are (almost) as important for a strong application. A picture says more than a thousand words, right? We would even dare to say that they may be more important than the text, especially if you want to make a good first impression. After all, visuals capture attention and are processed much faster than written text. Next to that, they help you leave a professional impression. Hezelburcht not only guarantees you a substantively strong application, we also support you in creating visuals and infographics that take your grant application to an even higher level!

Why is this so important?

Visual elements make it easier to understand complex issues. A good example is the safety instructions on an aircraft (usually in the form of an infographic). The instructions should be understandable and compliant for everyone. Where a few decades ago these instructions consisted mainly of text, this has been perfected into a simple visual explanation. There are always elements in your proposal that can also be perfectly cast in a visual element. Think, for example, of a figure to illustrate the techniques of your project:

visual article visuals and infographics in grant applications

The benefits of visuals and infographics in grant applications

So visual elements are important, but what exactly do they do? Specialist Marilen Benner delved deeper into this:

Visuals attract attention

First impressions of a proposal are important. Therefore, the first thing a reader sees are the visual elements (such as the layout, photos, infographics and graphs). This is because visual images are (subconsciously) retained and processed much faster (within 13 milliseconds!) than textual information. This does not mean that text is redundant. On the contrary, it is best to combine written and visual information.visual article visuals and infographics in grant applications

Visuals are word-savers

Obviously, your grant application will need to be well-substantiated and this requires textual information. Nevertheless, there are parts of your application that can be perfectly visualised. This simply saves words and prevents your proposal from becoming unnecessarily long.

visual article visuals and infographics in grant applications

Visuals trigger emotions

A grant assessor should work as objectively as possible, but it is inevitable that visual input, such as colours, will influence emotions. Therefore, always have your proposal checked once for the impression it leaves on readers. Are there too many or too few visual elements? And how are these received? These are all important elements that affect a reader, and thus also the grant assessor.

Hezelburcht takes grant applications to the next level with visuals

Besides strong copywriters, our specialists are also good at creating visual elements that support and even enhance your grant proposal. They are experts in translating complex information into attractive and understandable visual elements. The specialists do this themselves most of the time, but they also have a passionate marketing team ready with the necessary skills to create the most beautiful visual elements.

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